ASEZ WAO Rock Creek Park Cleanup

Rock Creek Park Cleanup Hosted by ASEZ WAO

On June 13, 50 ASEZ WAO volunteers came together for their Rock Creek Park cleanup in the heart of the nation’s capital. The cleanup was in line with ASEZ WAO’s global No More Great Pacific Garbage Patch campaign. Also, volunteers educated the community on the impact plastic has on the environment.

Rock Creek Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States at 1,754-acres. Since 1890, the park has offered a peaceful forested escape from the city atmosphere. The park creates a sense of community because of the different local activities and its patrons’ bright energy. Residents use the park for soccer practices, tennis matches, hiking, picnics, and more.

Building a Happy and Sustainable Future at Rock Creek Park

Volunteers carefully searched the fields and trailhead for trash. They found bits of string, confetti, popped balloons, and food wrappers nestled in the fields of the picnic area. Although these items are small and easy to overlook, they often end up washed away in local streams. In the end, this waste can contribute to the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris that are already in the ocean. Additionally, these things are also hazardous to wildlife that play an integral role in sustaining the environment.

ASEZ WAO aims to collect 80,000 tons of plastics dumped on land to prevent another Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). The No More GPGP project seeks to avoid any more formation of GPGP. It’s also in line with the 6th (Clean Water and Sanitation), 14th (Life below Water), 15th (Life on Land), and 17th (Partnerships for the Goals) goals of the SDGs.

A Successful Cleanup

Paola Soto, from Rock Creek Conservancy, spoke highly of her first experience working with ASEZ WAO. “The volunteers were really great. I saw a lot of enthusiasm from the entire group and look forward to working with them in the future on more restoration projects.”

Families passing by could not help but notice the ASEZ WAO volunteers at work. Children even asked to help after observing the volunteers clean the area.

ASEZ WAO hopes to keep the Earth beautiful, clean and vibrant. Volunteers will remain at the forefront of environmental change by doing their part. Click here to see other volunteer activities in the DC area!

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