ASEZ WAO Anacostia Area River Cleanup

Anacostia River Area Cleanup Hosted by ASEZ WAO

On November 8, 50 members from ASEZ WAO continued their Reduce Plastic campaign in Washington, DC. The group partnered with Anacostia Riverkeeper in Kenilworth Park for the Anacostia River cleanup. Residents visit the park for its stunning scenery and fascinating history. Recently, the area has become polluted with trash.

The volunteers were eager to remove trash from a stream that flows into D.C.’s famous Anacostia River. Volunteers came from both D.C. and Northern Virginia to participate. Furthermore, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser inspired the volunteers with her plan to make the Anacostia a swimmable, fishable body of water.

Anacostia River Cleanup to Reduce Plastic

“Both ASEZ WAO and Anacostia Riverkeeper are doing a lot of work on plastic. They are such a huge part of the trash problem here and around the whole world,” said Trey Sherard, Outreach Coordinator for Anacostia Riverkeeper. “This cleanup was phenomenal. So, I hope to work with them again and extend this relationship to waterkeepers all over the world.”

“The Reduce Plastic movement is so crucial,” said Renato, an ASEZ WAO volunteer from Northern Virginia. “This stream flows into the Anacostia; imagine how much plastic waste is floating in it. We’re excited we can still make a positive impact in the neighborhood even during the pandemic.”

Restoring D.C.’s Natural Beauty

The cleanup started with picking up garbage in the streams and woodlands. Afterward, the volunteers sorted and collected data on all the trash. This data helps the Anacostia Riverkeeper inform residents about single-use plastic in the waterways. As a result, volunteers removed 135 pounds of plastic bottles, 100 pounds of plastic bags, and 430 pounds of non-plastic waste. They also found poles, tires, carpets, and even a bed frame. In the end, volunteers collected 1,100 pounds of trash total. The once polluted area regained its natural beauty.

ASEZ WAO volunteers will continue to do their part in volunteering. Their goal is to help resolve the challenges the world faces, all while sharing the love of Christ with everyone.
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