On August 27th, mothers from the Church of God in Washington, D.C., shared a precious time with their children. After careful planning, the group of moms surprised their elementary school age children with a back-to-school encouragement rally. They wanted to encourage their students to do their best as they look forward to the new academic year.

The Church’s patio, beautifully furnished with a garden table, tents and chairs, was the perfect setting for the rally. The mothers decorated the area with colorful balloons and curly streamers. The previous night, some Church of God members volunteered to bake delicious cupcakes for the rally. And they even assembled gift bags filled with little goodies.

The mothers even designed a banner with an encouraging message for the event. All the students, together with their mother, signed the banner with a pledge to do well during the new school year.

“I will get good grades.”
“I will set a good example.”

These were some of the pledges the moms and children wrote on the banner. The vows were a reminder of how God’s children should behave not only at home but also in school.

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The moms wished for all the elementary school students to be encouraged and inspired to do their best at whatever role they play in school. They also hoped the children get good grades and strive to set good examples, following the teachings of God among their peers.

Mothers were very thankful for the opportunity to do something uplifting for their children. Though small, this event encouraged all students, from the youngest to the oldest, to carry out good deeds at school. And as the new school year starts, the mothers earnestly wish their children can meet the goals they set for this year.