On December 15, the Church of God in Washington D.C. hosted an elegant commemoration at the historic Church building on Capital Hill. The interior, elegantly decorated in royal purple, let the guests enter in high esteem to celebrate the winning of the U.K. Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service—the United Kingdom’s most prestigious volunteer group award. The Church of God held this special gathering to share this milestone with District of Columbia community leaders.

The interior décor of the Church was reminiscent of a British tea party scene. Moreover, the stage was dressed with white ceiling-to-floor drapes and the foot of the stage was aligned with purple, satin covered tables and golden chairs for the distinguished guests.

U.S. representatives, ambassadors and community leaders were present to congratulate the Church of God on receiving this prestigious award. While enjoying each other’s company, guests were given miniature versions of the flag of Washington D.C., which they waved proudly. Throughout the night, they enjoyed a suite of entertainment, all performed by talented Church members. Performances included a men’s quartet, a solo accompanied with piano, an African dance number and a ballet solo.

They also learned more about the volunteer activities the Church has done through a presentation. Furthermore, the guests were able to understand more about the Church’s world wide volunteer activities and how the Church of God won the Queen’s Award through such undertakings.

Additionally, they learned about the driving force behind the Church of God’s good deeds—that is, God the Mother. Church volunteers strive to follow Heavenly Mother’s example of servitude and humility. As a result, they were awarded with the U.K.’s most honorable volunteer service award. Finally, after the presentation, guest moved to the reception area where they enjoyed a variety of handmade hors d’oeuvres and mingled with other guests.

Honorary guests included Agostinho Tavares, Angolan Ambassador; Carlos Viega, Cape Verde Ambassador; Ana Maria Raquel, Commercial Counselor of the Mozambique Embassy; Lana Grey, Counselor of the Namibian Embassy; Franklin Garcia, US Representative of D.C.; Dr. Willie McElroy, CERT Trainer & Manager at Serve D.C. of the Mayor’s Office of Volunteerism; Peggy Kelly, Director of Community Preparedness & Resilience at the Department of Health; and Darryl Stephens, Financial Manager at Howard University.

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